Preacher Kid Confessions

The true story of one woman's journey in faith

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How many of you are going through something right now whether spiritual or physical? I AM and the most common misconception about us preacher kids is that we’re perfect saints who never do wrong BUT IN REALITY WE DO EVERYTHING WRONG  satan attacks and target us preacher kids harder than other kids because his purpose is to prevent the word of God from being taught to all the lost souls in this world God never wants to give up on us no matter what we do satan knows what better way to get a preacher’s attention by attacking his wife AND KIDS and unfortunately some pastors fail at it miserably like my own preacher father where others have not and I thank God for both because we learn the love, mercy, peace and most of all FAITH through our trials and tribulations. I’m still learning and growing in the Lord MY LIFE RIGHT NOW IS BEING LIVED IN HIS COMPLETE FAVOR AND IM LOVING HIM AND IT THANK YOU LORD FOR FAVOR AND GRACE. I LOVE YOU LORD

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