Preacher Kid Confessions

The true story of one woman's journey in faith

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My mother has told me for as long as I can remember that I have a calling from God on my life which means I was chosen by Him while in my mother’s womb to complete the job He has for me and only me along with the gifts He’s blessed me with which must be polished and ran through the fire like a diamond in the rough. I was taught the bible from childhood my mom made sure of it by having bible studies with me and my cousins on weekend sleepovers and we had fun seeing who could find scripture the fastest. I like most teens didn’t want to hear the bible let alone read it after all the bible studies I’d had over the years as a matter of fact I loathe reading so it became easier over time to not pick up the bible and read it as I grew into adulthood. Now that I have my own child I find myself remembering all the lectures, scripture, and bible studies she forced me to participate in as a kid and am applying the same concept as my mom concerning discipline and her life choice to her. I strayed far away from God once I graduated from high school and went to the military, I was a Hot Mess. My father was a preacher as well as my grandfather my cousins and I formed a singing group to go with our grandfather and my dad when they were asked to preach at a different church. I was also in every church choir from the kids to the adults and I sang all three harmonies. I knew the word of God it was instilled in me as a kid so what happened to  make me stray from God knowing what I know about Him and His goodness? LIFE , MEN, FLAWED PARENTS AND FAMILY.

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