Preacher Kid Confessions

The true story of one woman's journey in faith

HEY MY PEEPS, How many of you are at that stage in your life where you’re not gonna put up with any nonsense from anyone because you have reached your breaking point? Well today is one of those days for me, PEOPLE INCLUDING FAMILY, can be on your reserve nerve and that was exactly the case today. I was looking forward to a visit from my sister it fell through  because she (and this generation of kids like her) think  THAT THE EARTH IS THEIRS AND THE FULLNESS THERE OF) LOL meaning when someone makes them mad EVERYONE HAS TO KNOW IT and at the most inopportune time making themselves look more foolish than the person who initiated the response and because she LET HER MOUTH WRITE A CHECK HER BEHIND COULD’NT CASH she had to cancel her plans which affect me and MY PLANS for her visit then she has the nerve to cry and be upset at the other person for what happened. DUHHHH (If you  could only see my facial expression lol) well as a PK I know I just can’t respond to her like most people would and that is GOING OFF ON HER CURSE WORDS AND ALL, I as a PK had to respond by thinking clearly and calmly praying to the Lord in my mind to give me the words to say so that I don’t offend or hurt my sister’s feelings because Christ has taught us to admonish in love and in a way that’s seasoned with salt that it may be received by the one whom you’re talking to where ultimately her soul is at risk of going to hell if I say or do anything to cause her to turn away from God because of my reaction to her situation. With me being a PK it add another level of caution concerning my own life choices so I did tell her what I needed to tell her in the tone that was pleasing to God (I hope) and can only pray she listens. She’s posting inappropriate stuff on internet like faking having the Holy Ghost one minute and the next minute cursing and doing drugs. WOW ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I told her 1. She’s making God look bad (which I hate) 2. She’s making me look bad because she’s my sister (lol) 3. The police and potential employers are looking at her the last thing I want to see is my sister getting drawn on by the police because she’s clowning in public and provoke them into firing their guns in which I told her that I wouldn’t be mad at the police, I would be mad at her for putting herself in that situation in the first place 4. She’s embarrassing herself 5. she needs to slow her roll. She was quiet and she listened but I doubt she heard me, THEN, I had to complain to my apt manager about some boys who’s been bullying my daughter physically and verbally I’ve taught her to defend herself but only when she’s been hit first and these boys have been off the chain they threw bricks at my windows as well as banging on said windows so it forced me to call the police and file a report to turn in tomorrow and start a paper trail for the office to get them evicted, I hate to see a person with kids homeless but they’re not being supervised at all, they’re tearing up the playground equipment among other things and begging for food or money for food because they’re mom is not feeding the 6 of them. I initially reached out to those kids giving them free things but they began to disrespect and assault my daughter so I stopped. I wanted to walk to the children’s home and confront the mom with my weapon but then I decided against it because it wouldn’t be Christ-like behavior and the mother would’ve probably tried to fight me on her turf and I wasn’t having that at all plus I’m sure she’s younger than I so she would definitely swing on me at a moments notice BUT I FIGHT LIKE AN ADULT not a kid, take it for whatever or however way you think and like I told my sister I can’t put myself in that position

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so I didn’t, I let the police and the office manager handle them so Christ could be pleased in all I say and do. I want to thank you Lord for insight and patience and for always wanting to do the right thing in your sight even when I fail sometimes during the process of living a Christian life by the word of God. I feel better now that I have released some of the built of tension from both situations and am now at work where I’ve taken care of seniors and disabled adults for over 35 years chillin’ watching Little House on the Prairie, and writing to all of you in between welfare checks on my client. We’ve been together for awhile now and we love and respect each other. As soon as I walk in the door I’m joking and making him laugh while getting my hugs we both look forward to that exchange weekly. I love what I do, it’s my gift from God and I will never ever retire unless God or my body says otherwise and although  my day started out chaotic, my client has definitely turned it around for the better JUST AS GOD ALWAYS DOES. Thank you Lord.




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