Preacher Kid Confessions

The true story of one woman's journey in faith

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I dated E for my entire junior year, we were in love by this time, I thought the sun rose and set on him all day everyday he was all I thought about. I wasn’t popular in school because of me being a preacher kid plus my parents didn’t work at GM like most of my classmates did so we couldn’t afford the designer clothes nor did we have the freedom their parents gave them we never went without food or clothes my grandparents worked hard to care and feed such a big family. There was a girl I went to school with she liked E too and she hated me because he wanted to be with me instead of her, she use to roll her eyes at me every time she saw us together I would laugh at her which made her even madder but I didn’t care I was in love, being treated like a queen and I wasn’t giving that up for nothing, (at least that’s what I thought) until my parents found out and made me break off all communication from him. I WAS SO MAD AT MY PARENTS ESPECIALLY MY DAD who had the nerve to try to regulate me after molesting and violating me for a year, how much nerve do you have? I was depressed and mad at my parents for a long time, my heart was broken and I missed E terribly, my dad made sure he kept an eye on me by having the community looking out for me and E. It was a small town, everyone knew everyone so it was easy and common to have all your business in the streets no matter how careful you tried to be and E and I were careful or so we thought. Once I was forced to break up with E, my body was still operating in overdrive, my engine was constantly running HOTT and I was on the prowl like a lioness in the jungles of Africa, My next male friend name’s  was S, he was older too and had a motorcycle. I love motorcycles, always have so when I met him I knew his reputation of being a womanizer but I didn’t care so I dove in head first straight to the physical with no concern for the mental, I wanted sex and I wanted it as often as I could get it and believe you me both E and S delivered on every occasion.  Since S had many women and I knew he wasn’t going to be serious with me I didn’t deal with him long because I didn’t want any STD’s I was always careful when I did have sex plus I DID NOT WANT KIDS, I came from a big family and babysat a lot so the last thing I wanted to be was tied down with a child. I met yet another older man named R I remember making the first move on him, my aunt and I were walking around the neighborhood when he drove by us in this nice burgundy car and he looked good driving this car we exchanged numbers after a brief flirtation on both parts then we began seeing each but on more of a serious tip. My parents had separated by this time and I chose to stay with my dad over mama because I knew he felt guilty for what he did so to relieve his guilt he let me do whatever I wanted to do with whomever I wanted to do it with and whatever time I decided to do it in because AGAIN, WHY WOULD I LISTEN TO ANY DISCIPLINE HE TRIED TO ENFORCE,,,,,PLEASE!!! I’d all but moved into R’s house, he was a bachelor who lived alone he had many women too but he never flaunted them in my face, whenever he was with me I had his undivided attention he let me drive his car when he was working third shift at the GM plant bought me things, took me out to eat, cooked dinner for me, introduced me to his mother and everything the only thing that spoiled our relationship was me because after I graduated high school I went into the United States Army. I spent as much time as I could with R until I left for basic training I was sad to leave him but excited to begin a new chapter of my life I wanted to get away from prying, snitching eyes judging me for doing the exact same thing I was doing the only difference is I’M A PREACHER KID AND GRANDKID, we weren’t allowed to be normal unrepentant sinners like everyone else…. HOW DARE WE?

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