Preacher Kid Confessions

The true story of one woman's journey in faith

Hey my peeps how was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great I went fishing alone for the first time ever and caught 2 blue gills I was so excited and it was all made possible by one of my closest friends. We have a complicated friendship/relationship we like each other but he’s afraid to admit it because of past hurts, (LADIES I KNOW YA’LL CAN RELATE) and I completely understand that because when we met he laid everything out for me letting me know exactly what he did and did not want with women and his life in general I call it his bachelorhood phase and because I’ve been living my bachelorette hood phase I completely understood and am patient with him as much as I can be. It’s not easy being patient with him he’s wonderfully flawed (AREN’T WE ALL) but he’s also kind, loyal, generous, protective, and funny,  my ideal man that God had shown me in a vision that he’s that ONE for me so I am going to be patient and wait for God to REVEAL ME TO HIM.

Like all bachelors, women are a weakness to him, over the years he’s tried being in relationships with them completely looking past me but not one of them worked out because they’re not the woman God has for him then he would call me again after not communicating with me for months and we’d pick up our friendship right from where we left off. I was mad the first couple times he did that, I’m a woman  I’m only human but once I realized that he’s only doing what he told me he would do from the beginning, instead of me being mad at him I began to feel sympathy for what he’s feeling emotionally and all the pain behind his choices and I began to look at him through God’s eyes instead of mine in doing so I’m learning patience, tolerance, and how to love unconditionally even when the love is not deserved just like Jesus does for me daily.

That is one of the many struggles we preacher kids go through on a daily basis how to love those who hurt us with the same love God feels for us even when we don’t deserve it. I am not a saint by far, sin is always present before me just like the Apostle Paul in the book of Romans so I must remember that each time my friend does something to hurt me I remember it isn’t a frequent thing when he does but it still hurts regardless of it’s frequency. I never had patience, I hate stupidity, liars, and thieves, and I find myself surrounded by the very ones who irritate me the most yes God does have a sense of humor and teaching me patience is the one thing He knows I need to learn among many other things He needs to clean up in me. I never want to be or remain stagnant in my spiritual relationship with the Lord I want to constantly grow even the more during my most difficult times, hurt, and pains. I will become the woman of God wants me to be in His time after all GOD IS ALWAYS IN TIME AS WELL AS ON TIME. Praise the Lord my peeps let me know what ya’ll think send me a message maybe we can encourage each other in the Lord.  Be blessed


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