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Hey my peeps I hope you all had a good week since my last post, my week started out bad but ended on a good note, I had unexpected family issues I needed to go home to address in recent years my family hasn’t been the closest it all started over money and life long sibling rivalry that finally came to a head a few years ago. My mom was accused of things she would never do and besides myself maybe 3 of her siblings stood by her whereas the others chose to stand by her accuser and it divided our family causing a rift (now unspoken nor resolved after 5 years). Here we are a well known pastor’s family and we are mirroring the worlds definition of family with strife, malice, lies, greed, anger, bitterness, an unforgiveness being spewed all throughout the family like a poison.

The recent emergency has brought our family back together being supportive, loving, and caring towards my mom and the others, we’ve been praying for our family for years  hoping that God will close the divide and we begin to love each other with the love of Christ the way they love strangers, co workers, church members, and friends each day of the week. it was good seeing everyone together again, it’s been a long time, we were so close as a family then once my grandfather passed away the divide began he was the patriarch of the family, the glue that held us together, he built his family foundation on the word of God being an associate pastor at my childhood church growing up he was soft spoken, kind, gentle, funny, fair, and stern when he needed to be and in spite of all the sermons from grandpa and other ministers about the love of Christ and the importance of family that God has ordained from the beginning and when trouble came knocking at the door my family let it in with little or no resistance or push back. God uses bad situations to bring people together all the time, It’s how He operates, the correct scripture is God uses the foolish things to confound the wise and He has done that very thing throughout my family and for me personally no matter how bad things look through your eyes know that God can always turn any situation around for your good, He’s a pro at it so give it to Him he will take care of it in HIS TIME not ours. This is a lesson I’m still learning even to this day, I struggle with anger, bitterness, unforgiveness towards my family and others, I have to catch myself most times before I go off on someone when they hurt me or my family because once you say things to hurt someone no amount of apologies will take the hurt away from the person then you will suffer just like they did until you repent and ask for forgiveness from the injured party.

My personal struggle with forgiveness affects me daily because of my molestation, it causes you to have bouts of anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness over the years, it comes and goes with the at hand it’s not easy forgiving people who hurt you especially when it’s the same repeated behavior, it slowly builds a resistance to apologies, and I’m sorry over time so I have to check myself before I cause irreparable damage to someone’s spirit causing them to lose hope in life or trust in Jesus Christ and after being a caregiver for many years I’ve been put in positions of being there with clients when they take their last breathe and journey home to glory to be with the Lord most people fear death I use this opportunity to witness to their spirit man about Jesus and accepting Him as their personal Lord and Savior, repenting of your sins so that they could receive everlasting life even after death.

I pray with them, read them scripture, and sing songs with them trying to make them as comfortable as possible until the Lord takes them home to glory. I LOVE EVERY MOMENT I GET TO SPEND WITH THEM during their last days on earth after all God put us here to do exactly what I love to do and that is DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WILL HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL THY SOUL, THY MIGHT, AND THY STRENGTH AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. FOR LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SINS. God turned a bad family emergency into a good family reunion, that’s the God I proudly serve all the days of my life, amen and thank you Jesus for turning my family situation around for the good. Thank you Lord


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