Preacher Kid Confessions

The true story of one woman's journey in faith

I’ve been a caregiver for seniors and disabled people for over 30 years and I love it just as more today as I did then. I know it’s ONE OF MY GIFTS FROM GOD, He’s given me the gift of helps and service and in spite of it’s many challenges I WOULD NOT TRADE IT FOR NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IN THE WORLD. I have the best clients, I’m working smarter not harder these days my clients treat me like family and I love them dearly. I have one client whose daughter has been going through some emotional issues as of late, it’s been tough for her family especially her sisters who’s been alternating between themselves to provide patience, care and love to their little sister in her time of need. It’s been wonderful to see them come together to help their elderly parents and sister and since I consider them my family  I’ve tried to fill in as much as I can without making things worse.

In this field it’s rare to see family supporting their elderly parents in the home because most people claim to be soooo busy that there’s not enough time in the day to come to see after mom and dad so all the responsibility tends to weigh on one person and after awhile it will become overwhelming to that one family member and that’s where I come in and/or caregivers like me who step in to fill in the gap to try to take as much responsibility off the family as possible.

I’ve learned over the years that it is so important for the whole family to be involved in the care of elderly parents it’s not fair for that responsibility to fall onto one or maybe two people the stress of it alone can cause many sleepless nights for the primary caregiver who’s wandering if the caregiver has shown up on time, or whether their trustworthy enough to care for your parents or trust them around medications, lifting, pulling, bathing, feeding, INSURANCE, medication, cooking etc…. day by day, week by week, year by year. I’ve been blessed to have been working for great families over the years that is including my current ones today they treat me like family, they love me like family so I look forward to going to work everyday even when some of those days are bad I love what I do soooo much it just doesn’t phase me like it use to.

When people are sick or bed ridden, they have a lot of time to think and focus on their current situation and with each passing day the root of anger, bitterness, and self centeredness begin to form inside their minds and hearts then they take it out on those who are the closest to them like their primary caregiver family member and we the caregiver. I had to learn not to take those outbursts of anger personally or at least I’M TRYING TO LEARN NOT TO TAKE THEM PERSONALLY, it’s not easy BUT IT’S EASY because I’m seeking the Lord for ways to handle each situation I’m faced with not only with my job but I apply this to my Christian walk as well.

I strive to do my job to the glory of God, it leaves little room for error the last thing I need is to make my job harder for me. I don’t even call what I’m doing WORK, I call it HANGIN’ OUT WIT MY PEEPS I have fun listening and helping my clients it’s a very rewarding job and I can’t see myself working any other job besides what I’m doing now, God has truly blessed me with loving what I do after 35 years if I’m not helping a senior I feel unorganized, off key, off balance, like I can’t breath or something, it’s really hard to explain but there really is only ONE explanation and HE is the Lord Jesus, His love and patience for me gives me the courage to wanna be patient and loving to my fellow man.

I wish all of you could love what you do like I do and if you find yourself working for just a check and being miserable in the process, I suggest you pray and seek God’s direction for the career He has for you I’m telling you, you wont go wrong nor will you be disappointed, I DO MY JOB FOR FREE AND TO GET PAID and when you have that attitude you will love your job as much as I do. Be blessed my peeps

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