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The true story of one woman's journey in faith

HEY MY PEEPS THIS PHOTO DESCRIBES MY DAY, HOW ABOUT YOU ALL? HOW’S YOUR DAY GOING SO FAR? The Lord is STILL IN THE BLESSING BUSINESS, He continues to amaze and surprise me each day that I’m allowed to take a breath, I’d previously posted about a friend who rejected me as his girlfriend after leading me on for months and how angry, hurt, and rejected I felt by him, WELL God has intervened once again by providing the opportunity for us to clear the air and that’s exactly what we did, MY FRIEND AND I CLEARED THE AIR. He reached out to me asking to bring my fishing pole to me so I can go fishing later in the week so I let him bring it over knowing I had this TELL OFF speech prepared for him once he stepped ONE TOE across the threshold of my place, but I was quickly taken aback by him because he had a speech prepared as well and thought it was best for him strike first to set the tone so he apologized in between FOOTSTEPS OF APREHENSION towards his favorite chair he claimed in my home, attempting to explain his position and the ASSUMED feelings he ASSUMED I was having because of the respectful and loving treatment I was giving him in return for the same treatment he was giving me, we were really enjoying each other on a different level (I thought) but apparently it SPOOKED him and he began feeling FROGGISH and LEAPED!

I sat and listened as he began to talk about the same ol’  YADA, YADA, YADA, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, I’VE BEEN DIVORCED 3 TIMES BLAH, BLAH, BLAH nonsense I didn’t want to hear so all that he was saying went in one ear and out the other because the whole time I’m replacing it with my TELL OFF SPEECH and I’m just waiting PATIENTLY for the opening I need to tell him like it T I  is!!!LOL That chance finally arrived so I let him know politely that I didn’t love him, never did love him and for him to stop assuming I did simply because I treat him like the king I felt he deserved, and that if he wasn’t emotionally available for a relationship with women then leave them alone, keep your phone numbers to yourselves because it’s not fair to those women or their children if they’re a single parent like me. I stated that when you take an interest in a single mother, her child is included in the choice too and when she sees a man trying to fill the void of father figure in their child’s life, of course the mother is going to began to feel like maybe he’s long term material, BUT THEN he runs away from the woman blaming her for feeling some sort of way about him after all this, WHAT KINDA MESS IS THAT MY PEEPS??

Surprisingly, he sat and listened to every word I said, I stated to him that it was HIS LOSS for not choosing me though I understand why he feels the way he feels, I get it, I’ve been hurt before too. He agreed that he didn’t handle it the best way but never intended to hurt me, he THEN THOUGHT HE WOULD ASK ME IF WE COULD BE FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS!! After I gave him THE LOOK, I told him NO, it wouldn’t be a good idea, we always end up back here in this spot and I refuse to go there with him again, I was offended that he’d even ask me as if I’m only good enough to have sex with, HOW RUDE!!

LADIES YA’LL KNOW WHAT I’M TALKIN’ BOUT RIGHT? The last time I checked the name on my birth certificate WAS NOT SEALY POSTURPEDIC MATTRESS, I am a LADY, A CHRISTIAN LADY at that, I’m worth more than just a toss in the hay, King David in the book of Psalms says I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are thy works and my soul knoweth right well. Psalms 139:14. I believe that with all my heart, I try to teach my daughter to believe in herself just like God believes in us and loves us for who we are FLAWS AND ALL. I must live my life by God’s word and that includes forgiveness of your fellow man no matter what they do to us. My friend and I hung out for a few minutes before he decided to leave , we both felt a whole lot better about things, we were laughing and joking as if nothing ever happened and made arrangements to go out to dinner and/or fishing if weather and schedules permit. At first I was hesitant of continuing our friendship but I decided against it, he’s a good guy I know God’s not done with him yet so neither am I. Learn how to let go of rejection and other hurts like I did with the help from the Lord and prayer, HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH. GOD BLESS MY PEEPS

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