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PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BELSSINGS FLOW!!! What’s up my peeps, what a beautiful day the Lord has allowed me to see, in my last post I was telling you about my struggle with rejection and how I’m in the process of healing from this recent incident I received from a man I was hoping to build a relationship with, well, he and I went out to dinner earlier in the week, we had a great time, we hung out like we use to laughing and joking, enjoying our meal at Longhorn and talking politics of the day, in particular the hearing for Supreme Court nominee Justice Kavanaugh and his family and SURPRISINGLY, HE AGREED WITH ME, we’re both veterans, we understand the importance of the Supreme Court and we’re both ASHAMED OF HOW JUSTICE KAVANAUGH WAS TREATED!! I personally am ashamed not just for how he was treated but of the women who came out with the allegations with NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER and what really MAKES ME MAD is as a black female (YES I SAID BLACK) I’m ashamed of my own peoples anger and behavior towards Justice Kavanaugh as if they’ve known this man ALL THEIR LIVES, forming opinions and judging him as if he’s been proven guilty in a court of law, BUT WHEN SOMEONE IS ACCUSING A BLACK MAN OF THE SAME THING, WE’LL CRY RACISM, THE EVIL WHITE MAN IS SETTING ME UP, WHERE’S THE EVIDENCE, DO YOU HAVE ANY PICTURES OR VIDEOS, THOSE EVIL REPUBLICANS IS STILL HOLDING US DOWN BY LOCKING US UP ON SOME BULLCRAP, EVIL RICH WHITE PEOPLE, THAT EVIL DONALD TRUMP, IT’S HIS FAULT, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, the same ol’ nonsense I’ve been hearing since I was a kid and I HATE THIS WHINNY VICTIM MENTALITY MY PEOPLE ARE DISPLAYING THESE DAYS.

I AM A VICTIM OF SEXUAL ASSAULT X 2 as you may know, if you haven’t read my posts from the beginning I suggest you read it so you’ll understand where I’m coming from. My preacher father and uncle molested me at age 9 and 15, both lasted a year give or take a day here and there but it did happen, I have proof because a few of my cousins were touched by my uncle as well so THEY ARE MY PROOF, and like them I remember EVERYTHING ABOUT MY ASSAULTS EVEN AFTER 35 YEARS. I have no gaps in memory, I can describe each HORRIBLE AND DISGUSTING EXPERIENCE in detail the EXACT SAME WAY EVERYTIME, unlike the ladies and all those people from the democrat side who seem to have SELECTIVE MEMORIES concerning her experience. I’m having a hard time believing she was assaulted at all, I believe it was a political HAIL MARY and it backfired BIG TIME.

I fear not just for women but I fear for men as well, I’m afraid women will use this kind of accusation as revenge on ex boyfriends, husbands, baby daddies, whomever they decide to target and this is dangerous, I’m glad I don’t have a son, if I had one, I’d be  scared of him being accused of rape or assault with no proof at all and locked up because of it, this is utter nonsense, we need to stop. If a women has truly been assaulted and there’s evidence to support that fact, I’m all for jail time for however long the law allows BUT IN THIS CASE, THERE’S NO EVIDENCE. I’m proud the Republicans came together and stood their ground in spite of all the bullying, yelling, screaming, threats of violence, cruel cartoons and jokes from the opposition of PAID PROTEST BY GEORGE SOROS, I’m not a fan of the Republican party but I am today (or at least until they do something stupid to make me mad)!

I’ve been praying for Justice Kavanaugh and his family throughout all this as well as the President, congress, and our country, I know JESUS IS THE ONLY MAN WHO CAN MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER, please join me in praying daily for the love of Christ to be displayed in our actions and words as Americans. CONGRATULATIONS JUSTICE KAVANAUGH GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU LORD FOR ANSWERING PRAYERS. I LOVE YOU.  BE BLESSED MY PEEPS

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