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As a black female who grew up in the sixties post the civil rights era, I’M SICK AND TIRED OF THE IGNORANNCE OF MY PEOPLE! I see and hear daily from my neighbors and the community of how RACISTS the President is, (never mind he’s never done or said anything racists to them personally to warrant such a label). I’m bombarded with hatred for the President, white people, the police, and the church by people who don’t have a CLUE as to what’s going on outside their little BUBBLE WRAP WORLD but will invoke their JESUS CARD whenever it suits them and unfortunately I was subjected to such ignorance for the last two weeks being a poll official during early voting. I was so excited when I was requested to work early voting because there’s a waiting list in order to participate so imagine my surprise when I finally received the call from the election commission informing me of whom I’ll be working for the next two weeks and was blessed to be able to work with my boss from my own precinct, the Lord really worked it out for me and I’m forever thankful and grateful to Him for it.

All I can say is that working early election was QUITE THE EXPERIEINCE and that’s putting it lightly for fear of offending those who choose to read my posts and feel some sort of way good or bad about my experiences and the decision to share those experiences with complete strangers in order to help women like me seek answers to why they do the things they do in life and if I can help in any way per God’s will, I will help answer any questions they may have concerning their particular circumstance. My mind has been bombarded with hatred, anger, racism, selfishness, stupidity, closed mindedness, whiny, wimpy unlearned, and uneducated people of color more often than not and it was really sad and disheartening to see and hear THIS as a person of color.

In my neighborhood we were introduced to two types of black people, THE EDUCATED ONES, AND THE ED-JA-MA-KA-TED ONES. The differences between the two go way back to slavery times with the comparisons between the HOUSE N****R AND THE FIELD N****R, those slaves who served as butler, maids, and concubines for the MASSA in the house (mainly lighter skinned mixed black children) were often educated and took advantage of the chance to read and listen to what white people thought and learned how to survive if they ever became free. I can’t imagine the conversations at the dinner table they listened to each night, they had access to the libraries in these plantation homes and took full advantage of the opportunity afforded them in spite of their circumstance at the time so once freedom came they were able to transition from slaves and were determined to go to college to become anything they wanted to be from teachers, professors, scientist, doctors, farmers, business owners, preachers, etc.. all because they chose to not limit themselves to the circumstances they were living at the time and fight for their families futures to this day.

The slaves that worked in the field were the direct opposite, they were mostly unlearned, uneducated, non readers who worked hard in the cotton fields to survive by being beaten and mistreated by the overseer of the MASSA’ who owned them, life was hard and what they learned were mostly second, third and fourth hand knowledge of most things so they just took it and ran with it as if it was the gospel truth. I’m not belittling their struggle, they were terribly mistreated and yet they kept living and surviving, dreaming of one day being FREE but by this time SOME were INSTITUTIONALIZED in a sense and had grown use to being taken care of by an authority figure like their MASSA where in some cases they ended up choosing to remain slaves after being granted their freedom out of fear and ignorance of the unknown and in our case today it’s the US government WE DESIGNATED AS OVERSEER OF BLACKS FOR MASSA’!!!

I was exposed to the field n****r mentality the entire two weeks of early voting at NAUSEUM, from day one the voters were complaining, whining, and groaning about President Trump, all evil white men Republicans and the sellout black people who choose to support them,  and how they were going to vote Democrat because there were black candidates who were going to STOP the MURDERING POLICE OFFICERS from killing us EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE, WHILE LOOKING THE OTHER WAY WHEN BLACKS KILL EACH OTHER BY THE MILISECOND, you know the one’s who do the white man’s biding by conspiring to destroy the black community from within with social injustice causes that serve no purpose nor cause any change in those in authority, we’ve been HOODWINKED, AND BAMBOOZLED by our own leaders (JESSE, AL, MAXINE, BARAK, MICHELLE, OPRAH, ANDREW, NAACP, CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS and others who promote social justice while exploiting/exposing our ignorance of the rule of law, politics, and our REAL BLACK HISTORY IN AMERICA.

My people were coming into the precinct not knowing any of the candidate’s name nor what they stood for and yet they chose to vote for these people because they were black and democrat, (IS THAT NOT RACISTS OR WHAT)? From the time the polls opened black people were announcing who they planned to vote for young and old, black and white, but mainly black, and as a poll worker I couldn’t respond in any way to what they had to say and was forced to hold my tongue the entire time so when it was time to go home I would sit in my car SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS for a few seconds just to decompress from the day’s unhealthy dose of ignorance from my people. I would scream the word’s CALGON, TAKE ME AWAYYYYYYYY!!! Like the lady in the tv commercial for Calgon bubble bath when I was a kid. Once I finished screaming I would think about our ancestor’s struggle to earn the right to vote and how black people today take that responsibility so lightly and for granted by not preparing themselves for the voting process.

The black candidates were just as complicit in this process taking advantage of the ignorance of our people with bribes of free FISH SANDWICHES in the parking lot of the early voting precinct I was working at and teaming with 40 black pastors using their buses to bring people to vote, I would normally have no problem with this but in this case I feel like they bribed these people for votes and the intent in the minds of the voters were WRONG and I think our ancestors would be really upset at the plight of our people today. We have selective laziness tendencies, we want the government to take care of us majority of the time until WE GET CAUGHT DOING WRONG then we talk bad and complain about how we’re being racially profiled and mistreated by the same government we BEGGED AND WHINED to take care of us by voting for them at the ballot box WOW!

Hosea 4:6 says my people die from lack of knowledge because they reject knowledge and I will reject them. My people refuse to do research on the important issues involving us we’re relying on biased sources with one sided opinions and treating them as if they came straight from the BIBLE when in reality it’s a bunch of garbage based off feelings and emotions and what better way to control black people but through their feelings and emotions closing their minds to TRUTH AND FACT then wander why we’ve gotten worse over the last 20 plus years instead of better in spite of all the so called PROGRAMS they provided in our communities there only  to KEEP THEM IGNORANT. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON ABORTIONS!!!!

BLACK WOMEN HAVE ABORTED 20 MILLION BABIES SINCE ROE V WADE 1973!! The most of all women of all nationalities in America according to government statistics I researched and was given by senator friends of mine who are attorneys and very involved in the abortion fight. I was angry all day long when I heard about the 40 black pastors coming to the polls convincing people to vote BUT WHEN IT COMES TO THE LITTLE BABIES IN THE WOMB, THEY CAN’T SEEM TO FIND AN ABORTION CLINIC TO STAND OUT IN FRONT OF TO PRAY FOR 5 MINUTES ALONG WITH ME AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!!!!! WOWWWWWW WE HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER AS A PEOPLE, WE MUST TAKE RESPONSIBLITY FOR OUR OWN LIVES AND CHOICES OR WE WILL BE DESTROYED BY LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!!!

I’ve tried to talk to some pastors about representing for the Lord on behalf of the babies and they blow me off ever so politely and never follow through so when they decide to get involved and protest the police killing one of us I refuse to listen or support them in their effort because IT’S ALL FAKE, THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE COMMUNITY ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY AND POWER WITHIN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!! I’m trying to not be overwhelmed by all this, I pray for those pastors and my people often, the Lord is the only one who can help us as a whole IF we GET OUT OF OUR OWN WAY, GET OUT OF OUR FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS, AND TRUST HIM TO PROVIDE FOR OUR DAILY NEEDS PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY INSTEAD OF “UNCLE SAM MASSA”!!!

I’m thankful to God for this opportunity to release this negativity in my spirit and put it into words of knowledge to share with you all, I hope I didn’t offend or come across as anti-black because I’ve been accused of that by my closest friends here as of late because of my passion being misinterpreted as anger and put down on our race. It’s a difficult position to be in at times because I’m saying these things from a biblical point of view which doesn’t allow for feelings and emotions over personal experiences, only FAITH, in spite of the injustices, it’s easier said than done but it CAN BE DONE (having faith) after all we just need enough the size of a grain of mustard seed and we can survive ANYTHING IN CHRIST believe me I know first hand about JESUS’ LOVE FOR ME and His taking care of my every need, He’s been doing it all my life, especially when I’m struggling financially He might not be there when we ant Him but He’s always on time and in time!! Thank you Jesus

I’m feeling a lot better thanks to ya’ll MY PEEPS, I missed writing and I’m back to my original schedule now that early voting is over I hope you GET OUT AND VOTE THIS TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6TH PLEASE BE PREPARED DO YOUR RESEARCH BLACK PEOPLE!! After all, the difference between Democrats and Republicans are DEMOCRATS VOTE THEIR FEAR, REPUBLICANS VOTE THEIR FAITH!!! PEACE AND LOVE TO THOSE WHO NOT ONLY LOVE THE LORD BUT LIVE HIS WORD!! BE BLESSED




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