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Over the weekend a close friend (more like a brother) hosted a dinner party for everyone who helped him to run for political office, those in attendance were family, friends, tea party members (white and black), co workers etc… the food was delicious, my friend, daughter and I ate like pigs and the conversations were fabulous. It was a multi cultural crowd of lawyers, law enforcement, political and religious leaders both black and white who came together to support our friend in his effort to make a difference in his community by running for public office, he was unsuccessful in his bid BUT HE WAS MORE SUCCESSFUL IN FOLLOWING WHAT THE LORD TOLD HIM TO DO, and anytime you put God’s will in front of your will  HE WILL BLESS YOU and make the effort worth it (win or lose).

We were all mingling together in different groups talking about all the hate and anger going on in the world right now and I BLAME AMERICANS FOR ALL THE CHAOS. The level of disrespect directed at persons in authority no matter what position that person may hold is totally uncalled for and it’s the adults who’s releasing the ANGER TONE into the atmosphere then wander why the children are angry and disrespectful to us and others in an authority figure role. WE MUST STOP THE ANGER, WE MUST STOP THE HATE, I had fun meeting new people with like minded ideas to talk to, I also enjoyed talking to the liberal ones and believe it or not I learned as much from them as they did from me, there was no anger, no yelling, no sarcasm, no insults, no cursing, no threats, no disagreements or arguments, WE RESPECTED WHAT OTHERS HAD TO SAY, WE AGREED TO DISAGREED WHEN IT WAS NECESSARY but we never let it ruin the mood and tone of the party.

I wished the rest of America could take a page from my friend and his wife’s book(who hosted the party) and see that people of different racial backgrounds and beliefs can dine together in peace without worrying about upsetting or offending the other guests. I’m so thankful and grateful to have been involved with my friend’s campaign, I’ve never been closely involved with one before so I learned a lot from him and am glad to have been apart of something so special and I will never forget it for the rest of my life. My friend is disappointed that he didn’t win and I understand that completely after all we are only human, and I will continue to pray for him that God show’s him his purpose on this earth, WE ALL NEED TO BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT GOD HAS DONE FOR US even when we lack understanding of why things did or didn’t go OUR WAY.

He was obedient to the Lord’s telling him to run for a House Member seat and with some hesitation, fear, and faith he turned in his petition even though deep down he knew he had a slim to none shot to win but like I told him “God told you to run, He NEVER said you would win, JUST RUN and that’s what he did and God blessed him for his obedience, he doesn’t see it right now as a victory but he will eventually when the Lord decides to reveal it to him but in the meantime I will keep praying for him and my new friends I made at the dinner, WE CONSERVATIVES AND LIBERALS THIS DAY PROVED THE NAYSAYERS WRONG by eating and fellowshipping together in peace and the love of Christ, I CALL THAT SUCCESS, DON’T YOU? I’M PROUD OF MY BIG BROTHER, YOU’RE A WINNER IN MY BOOK, thank you for believing in me and trusting me as your spiritual advisor to your campaign and thank you to all those who helped make it possible. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU, KEEP GOD FIRST IN YOUR LIFE, BE BLESSED








but I’m glad it’s over and if I had to do it all over again, I will because I believe that Love covers a multitude of sins, Jesus wants us to love one another in spite of our differences

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