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The true story of one woman's journey in faith

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In the book of Exodus 13:17 says then it came to pass when Pharaoh had let the people go that GOD did NOT LEAD THEM BY WAY OF PHILLISTINES ALTHOUGH IT WAS NEAR……,,,, SO HE LEAD THEM AROUND BY WAY OF THE WILDERNESS OF THE RED SEA. God had a specific plan for the children of Israel, He knew what lies ahead of them during this transition from being in slavery for 400 years to now freedom from the Egyptians and He being our Creator chose to not make this transition EASY for them by leading them through Philistine which was closer but by way of the RED SEA so that He could continue to show His people that no matter what they’re obstacles were He was there to fight their battles for them and His power was displayed over and over and over again.

I AM NOW IN MY WILDERNESS TIME just like the children of Israel, in the last 2 or 3 weeks I’ve been going through many things with those who are closest to me (seemingly out of the blue) but not really because I know how Satan works especially when he’s messing with me. It started with my mom who’s always been my go-to person in times of troubles, she’s been there with scripture, prayer, and encouraging words to help me feel better and now she’s MIA and keeping me out of the loop on what’s going on with her. I’m aware of what’s going on, she doesn’t know that I am because she hasn’t reached out to me since before Thanksgiving and since finding out that she is STRAIGHT TRIPPIN’ OFF THE PLANET, I’ve been shocked and surprised by her behavior, yet, I understand what she’s dealing with mentally for the past few months basically PTSD, so I’m not completely surprised.

My mom came within a moments breathe of dying back in July and has been all over the place emotionally during her recovery (which is understandable) so that’s why I’m not overreacting to her behavior I have no idea what it felt like to be that close to death and live to think about it over and over again on a daily basis, I CAN’T IMAGINE WHAT SHE’S GOING THROUGH, but what I am doing is PRAYING for her just like she has prayed for me when I was living in my mess, it’s the best and only thing I can do for her, I realize God sees every decision she’s made and He will help her navigate her way back to Him in His own time and in his own way, I will continue to step back and give her time to heal, she’s a strong woman who has loved the Lord all her life, she will get back on track I have no doubt she will and we will HEAL OUR RELATIONSHIP, she’s my mom, I’m not angry with her I feel empathy for her and I love and miss her.

I just found out over the weekend that my daughter has been getting bullied on the bus and at school for the past year or so and her father never told me although he’s known all this time, he must’ve told her not to say anything to me about it so she hasn’t and it has come to a head here as of late to where the police had to be called and an investigation is underway, I won’t go into details but I will say I WILL NEVER FORGET THE LOOK OF PAIN, HUMILIATION, AND HURT ON MY DAUGHTER’S BEAUTIFUL FACE once I saw her, all I could do is hug her tightly, encouraging her to cry as much as she needed to while my mind was going into MAMA BEAR MODE wanting to protect her and make things better for her but in reality I DON’T HAVE THAT POWER to protect her COMPLETELY FROM PAIN because it’s apart of life for us all the best I could do is to try to soften the blow and THAT IS WHAT I’M DOING, we didn’t talk about the incident much over the weekend, she started a new job and hung out with me after work, she’s a beautiful young lady, I’m so proud of her, she will be okay and just as He always does, God will work this out too.

The guy I’ve been seeing from the previous posts is trippin’ right now too, we are no longer speaking by text nor call and I hate it because in spite of everything, we were always friends and vowed to not let that change but this is a new day and time and I am now adjusting to not hearing from him. On top of everything else he now withdrawing from me like my mom has come at the most difficult time for me when I need their support the most BUT HEY, what can you do? What I’m going to do is continue to seek God in this WILDERNESS TIME HE HAS PLACED ME IN I must now seek His face for the support, strength, faith, patience and unconditional love I need from Him to help me to grow into the woman of God He put me on this earth to be and the only way to do that is to ALLOW ME TO GO THROUGH HURT AND PAIN (FIRE LIKE A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH) in order to come out SHINING!!! SO, I WELCOME THIS WILDERNESS TIME, I’M DETERMINED TO HAVE FUN DURING THIS WILDERNESS TIME AND I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO LEARNING MORE ABOUT THE LORD,,,,,,,  DURING MY WILDERNESS TIME!!! SEE YA’LL IN THE PROMISE LAND!!! THANK YOU LORD


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