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The true story of one woman's journey in faith

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Names are important, what we name our children is vital to the type of child God will mold them into being in order to fulfill their purpose of being here on earth, I’ve always hated my name, I think it’s too long, rare, and ugly, I was named after a R&B group song my mother was crazy about, I grew up listening to that song all the time, I LOATHE THAT SONG LOL, anyway, one of my other pet peeves is letting my gas hand go beyond the E  mark on the dash of my car, I hate when I do that as well as when others do it so this day I was angry with myself because it meant I would have to spend more money per gallon of gas in the area where I was headed to for work. I drove into the gas station to purchase gas approaching the counter where the cashier was handling a previous customer, as I waited in line I made the statement of how I couldn’t tell it was Christmas because there were hardly any decorations or REAL Christmas songs playing, (you know the ones that actually pertains to Christ Jesus and His birth) on the radio like it use to be so the cashiers says “I hate Christmas, I don’t celebrate Christmas and I believe it was started by Hallmark and other greeting card companies just to make money”.

So when she said that I became disturbed in my spirit because she had no idea what the true meaning of Christmas is and that bothered me so I asked her why she felt that way, she said that she had 2 friends and a family member who OD’d on drugs during Christmas so it left her with a negative view of Christ and Christmas in general so after telling her that Jesus loves her and those loved ones who passed and that He was born into the world to save us from our sins and wouldn’t want her to live in sadness to where it can potentially turn into anger and bitterness which causes what? UNBELIEF and I sensed that she was headed in that direction so I told her I would pray for her but not right there in that moment because the spirit had spoken to me letting me know she wasn’t receptive to anything concerning Jesus or church at that point so I paid for my gas and began walking to my car, as I  stepped one foot out the door the cashier, (whose name is Sarah) said “Christmas makes me want to put a bullet in my head” when I heard that I immediately pivoted back into the building and straight to tell her saying that shooting herself is not going to solve her problems only Jesus can do that I will pray that He intervenes on your behalf so that wont put a bullet in your head.

I walked out the store to begin pumping my gas when all of a sudden tears began rolling down my face, I was so scared for Sarah so I called 2 prayer warrior friends of mine to touch and agree with me in prayer for her, Jesus says where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, there I will be in the midst of them so once we prayed together I felt a sense of calmness come over me because I knew God heard our prayer. The name Sarah means “lady, princess, and nobleman in Hebrew, our matriarch Sarah from the bible was quite the lady, princess, and nobleman in her day, although she made mistakes (just like we do today), her name FIT HER LIFE AND THE WAY SHE LIVED IT but the Sarah I met at the gas station did not display those character traits, she had been beat down by Satan so much in her life to where she felt she couldn’t live another day on this earth.

I finally made it to work, LATE, BUT I MADE IT, Sarah was still on my mind I continued my daily activities thinking about my mom and ex every so often and praying God would help me deal with my grief, one day, two days, four days passes as I drive by the gas station on my way to work, the Holy Spirit stayed silent during all those trips past the gas station until that fifth day when he told me to check on Sarah, when I walked in she was in the back room but she wasn’t scheduled to work that day, she just so happened to have come in for something quick and was getting ready to leave when I arrived, (God set that up, there are no coincidences in His plans), when she saw me she had a slight smile on her face, we embraced each other as I asked how she was doing. she stated she was better than she had been so I thanked God verbally as she stood in front of me, I told her how I’d been concerned about her and how my friends and I were praying for her, she thanked me, we hugged again then I exited to my car, as soon as I got in the seat I began crying out to God THANKING HIM FOR WORKING ON SARAH’S HEART AND NOT LET HER KILL HERSELF, I cried for about 5 minutes while sitting in my car with tears of joy and adoration for God and His power He displays in my life each day I live.

I went to work another few days when Christmas Eve arrived and the spirit once again told me to check on Sarah, this time when we saw each other, SHE HAD THIS BIG CHEESY SMILE ON HER FACE AND THIS CALMNESS ALL OVER HER I CAN’T EXPLAIN, she looked totally different from when we first met so we embraced again, she THANKED ME FOR PRAYING FOR HER AND FOR CHECKING IN ON HER, I thanked God again verbally and mentally before heading to work but I told her I will continue to check in once in awhile so she said “I’m looking forward to it and I left, once again I got to my car, cried uncontrollably for a few minutes then calmed myself long enough to call my fellow prayer warriors to give them the update on Sarah, we were all so thankful to God for intervening on our behalf for Sarah’s eternal soul. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW I WOULDV’E FELT HAD I LET MY PROBLEMS IN THE MOMENT BLIND ME TO THE POINT TO WHERE I COULDN’T SEE SOMEONE ELSE IN PAIN AND NOT TRY TO HELP IN SOME WAY? What if I had ignored the spirit telling me to stop at THAT PARTICULAR gas station, I would’ve missed the opportunity to talk about Jesus to Miss Sarah and she would’ve probably put that bullet in her head and would be living her life in eternal damnation because of her sin, I PRAY God will continue His work in her life, after all the bible says WE ARE TO PLANT THE SEED, THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL DO THE WATERING, AND GOD WILL SUPPLY THE INCREASE!! Thank you Lord for supplying the increase in Sarah’s life as she begins to smile and be relieved of her pain (thanks to you) I pray she accepts you as her personal Lord and Savior and begin her life anew in your word, I thank you for choosing me to speak to her at the time YOU SET UP years ago and I thank you for the spiritual intuitiveness to listen and respond to your voice whenever you decide to speak to me, I would’ve felt sooo guilty had Sarah killed herself before I got the chance to witness to her and for disappointing and disobeying God. I never met Sarah before that day, I had no idea how she would respond to my words but I knew I had to say something because if she had died, her blood would be on my hands because I was in the position help her but I didn’t because of fear, God would be disappointed in me and I WOULD BE DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF FOR DISAPPOINTING HIM!!!!

The bottom line is that we should always be ready to give an answer to someone who’s needing or seeking the Lord in their daily lives, we as Christians must be ready in season and out of season, we must stay PRAYED UP, AND READ UP SO WE CAN BE READY TO SPEAK WHEN THE LORD SAYS SO, I thank you Lord for your patience and love for me as I continue to GROW IN YOU AND TAKE OTHERS ALONG WITH ME,….. FOR THE RIDE!!! Thank you for the process you are beginning in my life, this new chapter to transform my thoughts and behaviors from ME-LIKE TO CHRIST-LIKE, ONLY YOU CAN WASH ME WHITE AS SNOW FROM THE INSIDE OUT. I pray you bless my mom and ex during this radio silent time we’re experiencing and that I continue to listen to your voice and obey your word, I PRAY THAT FOR ALL OF YOU TOO!!! BE BLESSED TODAY AND ALWAYS, DROP ME A COMMENT IF YOU HAVE ONE, I’M REALLY INTERESTED IN WHAT I CAN IMPROVE ON IN MY WRITINGS, THIS IS ALL NEW TO ME.

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