Preacher Kid Confessions

The true story of one woman's journey in faith

man with mouth open



I lived in Los Angeles for a few years, I was BUCK WILD, doing any and everything I thought I was big and bold enough to do, I was smoking weed, going to strip clubs, and dabbling in bi-sexual relations with both men and women with my child’s father and mutual friends of ours, my best friend has a sister who was a stripper back then she was able to get a copy of the “infamous video with the 14 year old girl” so against my better judgement I watched the tape IN ITS ENTIRETY OFF/ON OR WHATEVER I COULD STOMACH!!! I only did that because I wanted to make sure I knew what to talk about with my friends once it ended. What seemed like forever finally came to an end and I was sooooooo disgusted with R. Kelly that I began disliking him, his songs, and all those around him because as far as I’m concerned, NOT ONLY WAS R. KELLY GUILTY BUT ALL THOSE ENABLERS IN HIS CAMP ARE JUST AS GUILTY AS HE AS WELL AS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AND ALL THOSE CELEBS WHO STOOD BEHIND HIM MAKING MOVIES, MUSIC, WHATEVER WITH HIM AFTER ALL THE EVIDENCE PRESENTED IN COURT!!

THE BLACK CHURCH AND THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS JUST AS COMPLICIT IN THIS NONSENSE BECAUSE THEY CONTINUED TO PLAY HIS SONGS IN THE CLUBS AND ON RADIO, GOING TO HIS CONCERTS AND SINGING HIS SONGS IN THE CHURCH CHOIR,…..REALLY??? THIS IS AFTER ALL THE EVIDENCE PROVING HIS GUILT!! I’M EXTREMELY DISGUSTED!!! It was obvious to anyone that girl was 14 years old and it was definitely R. Kelly in the video with her because he kept adjusting the camera the whole time placing his face (in which you can see loud and clear) in front of the camera and also shouting commands of sexual moves for her to do for him and to him. She was a willing participant WHICH WAS THE SAD PART but we have to realize she’s still a child and doesn’t have the capacity to distinguish between what was right or wrong with her behavior during this traumatic experience. R. Kelly was the adult, he should’ve behaved like one and now we have all these black girls re-living this trauma, shame, and embarrassment all these years later.

As I’m watching this EVIL man and his cohort/co-conspirators in action I’m reminded of all the times my preacher father and my uncle violated me, although I was never degraded to the extent those young girls and ladies were, I was never urinated on or threatened with violence or repercussions if I didn’t cooperate, I was never filmed or anything like that BUT THE TRAUMA WAS EXACTLY THE SAME. I cried and cried for his victims, I couldn’t imagine what they were feeling at that time and all those years in between, I began to call R Kelly ” R PEDOPHILE” just like my dad and uncle the only difference between my family and R Kelly is MY DAD AND UNCLE APOLOGIZED AND ADMITTED THEIR MISTAKES TO ME AND ALL THE OTHERS THEY HURT. THEY WERE VERY REMORSEFUL AND TRIED TO MAKE UP FOR WHAT THEY DID, but R Kelly isn’t the least bit sorry or remorseful for MESSING UP THOSE GIRLS FOR LIFE, he’s still denying everything and had the nerve to post video proof on Facebook of his behavior pretty much confirming what these ladies are saying, HOW STUPID AND NARCICISSTIC CAN YOU BE?

I’m also angry with the parents who in spite of the evidence they heard against R Pedo, they chose FAME AND FORTUNE OVER THEIR DAUGHTERS SAFETY AND WELL BEING. There is no way I would allow my teenage daughter to have any contact, let alone a singing career anywhere near R Pedophile, I don’t care whether he was found not guilty or not, the evidence was too strong not to ignore and YET THE JURY OF IDIOTS LET HIM OFF TO DAMAGE MORE BLACK GIRLS. Now today, these HYPOCRITICAL CELEBS who supported him are now trying to berate and scold him for his actions, ACTING AS IF THEY HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS DOING AND WHAT HOLLYWOOD WAS ALL ABOUT. I’m confident they all knew about the CASTING COUCH from the good ol days to the present, it was a well known fact these movie execs and artists (some) are targeting children and YET ALL THESE PEOPLE CHOSE FAME AND FORTUNE ANYWAY shame on ya’ll for ACTING LIKE YA’LL DIDN’T KNOW. THESE SAME PEOPLE HAVE GIVEN PRESIDENT TRUMP A HARDER TIME OVER THE PAST TWO YEARS THAN THEY DID R PEDOPHILE (GO FIGURE)!!!

I can only hope and I will be praying that R Pedophile is FINALLY brought to justice, and not just him, all these men AND women who are destroying little kids lives, may GOD have mercy on their souls. I’ll also be praying for his victims, they have a difficult life ahead of them, I’m still dealing with my issues but I’m blessed to have the Lord to help me navigate my way through this WILDERNESS time and he can do the same for those who find themselves being victimized in whatever capacity. My mom planted a strong foundation with the word of God from the time I was born, if it wasn’t for that, I don’t know where I would be today, I didn’t always behave properly, truth be told, I still have problems to this day with my behavior at times but I remember that Jesus loves me no matter what I do just as He loves all of you, all we must do is trust and believe that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, HE CAN SET YOU FREE FROM YOUR ISSUES AND MAKE YOU WHOLE AGAIN JUST HAVE FAITH AND LIVE BY HIS WORD, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!!!   TOO BAD R PEDOPHILE DIDN’T DO THE SAME.

I’m CURIOUS TO SEE HOW THE CHURCH IS GOING TO RESPOND AFTER THIS, WILL THEY FINALLY TURN THEIR BACK ON HIM AND NOT SING HIS SONGS ANYMORE? I hope the church prays for him to get help, he obviously have a problem but I doubt they will, most will still support him no matter what the evidence says.

I’m thankful to all of my followers, please feel free to comment of leave me a message I’m curious as to what ya’ll thought of the documentary.  BE BLESSED TODAY AND ALWAYS MY PEEPS

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