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The true story of one woman's journey in faith

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LADIES AND GENTLEMAN THIS PICTURE DESCRIBES EXACTLY HOW I’M FEELIN’ RIGHT ABOUT NOW!! God is truly blessing me beyond belief, my life has changed drastically in the last few weeks, there’s not enough time in the day to explain the many MIRACLES He’s performing in my life. JESUS HAS SHOWN UP & SHOWN OUT I am amazed and blown away at what has transpired with me in the last week or so, let me explain, upon the last time my male friend stopped talking to me (we’ve since reunited), I prayed for Jesus to take what little feelings I had left for him away because he will never see me as anything but a friend and I totally accept that now and once we began to communicate again after this last fallout I felt different about him and our interaction, I wasn’t as excited as I’d normally be, I didn’t call or text him much and I rarely thought of him, I KNEW THEN THAT JESUS ANSWERED MY PRAYERS AND TOOK MY FEELINGS AWAY so that I can begin a new chapter in my life.

I had it made up in my mind that I would be alone the rest of my life without ever finding the man to love me as I deserved I was not interested in meeting anyone so imagine my surprise when I received a knock on my door one Sunday evening from someone completely off my radar, DAVID is the name I’ve given him, I’ll explain why shortly, anyways, he knocked on my door politely asking to come in to talk with me, I was hesitant at first but I knew who he was from seeing him around the community over the last year or so I eventually invited him in and as soon as he got the nerve he began telling me how he was interested in being in a relationship with me, how he’s been watching me from afar (not stalking or anything), occasionally driving by my home hoping to see me or to have the chance to let me know how he felt about me after all these months. I’m stunned at what I’m hearing and at the same time a feeling of fear of being hurt hit me like a ton of bricks because the man standing in front of me professing his love for me resembles MY CHILD’S FATHER AND IT’S EERY AND SCARY AT THE SAME TIME in the meantime David is telling me how HE FELL IN LOVE WITH ME AT FIRST SIGHT AND IT WASN’T ABOUT MY BODY, IT WAS MY SPIRIT THAT CAUGHT HIS EYES AND STRUCK HIS HEART. I was completely shocked because I never picked up on any of this when I would see him around here and there, he was always a gentleman, and a sweet man whom a neighbor was trying to USE TO GET WHAT SHE WANTS FROM HIM, he played the fool for a minute until he saw me and at that point he began praying to God to give him the courage to STEP TO ME and after 2 months of praying, HERE HE WAS AT MY DOOR STEPPIN TO ME WITH BOLDNESS AND SINCERITY AND MY HEART BEGAN TO MELT. I told him NO at first (that was fear talking) but the Holy Spirit told me to take his number so I did with reservation but I did take it.

He was so excited when I asked him for his number, I sensed he was surprised too by my request so he gave me his business card we said our goodbyes and he went on his way. I’M STILL SHOCKED I’M SITTING IN MY CHAIR SPEECHLESS, NERVOUS, CONFUSED, BUT YET, INTRIGUED BY THE OFFER JUST PRESENTED TO ME. I began to pray to ask God for direction and whether this was a test from the devil because in the book of James 4:1-3 says to test the spirits to see if they’re from God so I did just that, I inquired of the Lord and He answered me that night so the next day I called David and we’ve been together ever since. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW THIS ALL HAPPENED, JUST WHEN I STOPPED LOOKING FOR A MATE, THE LORD SENT HIM TO FIND ME AND I THANK HIM FOR THAT!!

DAVID HAS TOUCHED MY HEART IN WAYS IT’S NEVER BEEN TOUCHED BEFORE, my heart had been shattered into pieces since my child’s father and I split and the ensuing custody fight afterwards in which I lost custody just about killed me I didn’t care about anything for a long time, I was living in NUMBVILLE and I hated every minute of it but NOW THAT DAVID IS IN MY LIFE HE HAS MADE SUCH A DIFFERENCE IN MY HEART, MIND, AND SPIRIT, HE IS MY “ONE” I HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. I’ve been in relationships since my split with my child’s father but I never opened my heart completely in those relationships since the men were holding back from me and never had any intentions on marrying me so I held back too as a precaution and I’m glad I did.

The name DAVID is a special name given to a special MAN OF GOD, KING DAVID WHO IS THE FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR HEYYYY!! King David is known as “A Man After God’s Own Heart”, he was not perfect, far from it, he was flawed like the rest of us, He was a murderer, liar, and womanizer and yet God gave him that title because when David sinned he was so remorseful and cried out to God to help him with his imperfection, he sought the Lord daily through the word and prayer, he repented of his sins and begged God’s forgiveness just read the entire book of Psalms you will get an idea of what I’m talking about, anyway, MY DAVID IS ALSO A MAN AFTER MINE OWN HEART, HE HAS MADE ME THE HAPPIEST I’VE BEEN SINCE MY DAUGHTER WAS BORN. He’s already told me that he wants to marry me and make me his wife, he knows what he wants out of life, he’s the first man I’ve allowed my self to feel for in years, I know we’re just starting out but we both KNOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT JESUS PUT US TOGETHER and when God controls the strings of our lives, we have no reason to be afraid, or fearful, we must let Him do His thing in our lives, He knows us better than we know ourselves.

David and I pray together daily, have bible studies concerning love and marriage and the responsibility WE BOTH WILL HAVE IN ensuring we have a happy marriage built on the word of God, no other exes of mine have ever cared about that and that’s why I KNOW GOD SENT DAVID TO ME, I LOVE HIM, HE LOVES ME, WE LOVE THE LORD FOR BRINGING US TOGETHER. We’re doing everything right in the sight of God, by not having sex before we’re married and having daily bible studies to help build the foundation for a successful marriage in Christ, we are a TEAM, we recognize each other’s potential to be the best we can be and we’re anxious to start our lives together. Thank you Lord for sending me MY DAVID, I LOVE YOU LORD AND I LOVE MY DAVID. if YOU GET BUSY WITH GOD’S WORK, HE WILL GET BUSY WITH YOURS. BE BLESSED MY PEEPS ALL DAY EVERYDAY LIKE ME!!!

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