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HEY MY PEEPS I PRAY ALL IS WELL WITH YOU. Jesus still has me floating on a cloud, MY DAVID is continuing to make me the happiest woman alive, I have never been adored this much by a man EVER, HE MAKES ME FEEL LIKE TWO TRILLION DOLLARS lol maybe THREE TRILLION lol anyway, I never knew love could feel this amazing but I shouldn’t be surprised because after all GOD CREATED THE FEELING OF LOVE WHEN HE MADE US IN HIS IMAGE, HE IMBODIES THE PURE DEFINITION OF LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and MY DAVID definitely fits that narrative. It’s been a tough week for my new family, it started last weekend when my brother in law was hospitalized for malnutrition and dehydration from not being able to keep any foods or liquids down and while there began bleeding from his esophagus. During this time his wife (my sister in law)(David’s sister) falls down the stairs and breaks her leg late Tuesday night.

David calls me the next morning informing me of the situation so I agreed to help take care of his sister since I’m a caregiver myself. I went to her house, gave her a bed bath and got her dressed so we can go back to hospital, my sister in law was very appreciative of my help and am glad that I’m with her brother, SHE’S HAPPY TO HAVE ME IN THE FAMILY, it was such an endearing moment in time I thank God that I was available to help my new family. Once at the hospital my sister in law was being admitted while her husband was checking himself out of the hospital he was in so he could take care of her but he was rushed back to the VA hospital the following day from bleeding in esophagus.

Several hours later while my sister in law is resting, she receives a call from VA saying HER HUSBAND HAS DIED, BLED TO DEATH FROM ESOPHAGUS. David called me at 6am this morning to let me know so it’s imperative that I be here to help now more than ever. My family is going through their WILDERNESS TIME right now, I’m praying for the Lord to keep them in His perfect peace and give them the strength to get through this difficult time, MY DAVID is really hurting right now, he was close to his brother in law, he’s dealing with survivor’s remorse right now I feel for him and I will be here for him as much as I can, he does appreciate me stepping up to help the family, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love this man with all my heart, I know God sent him to me, LADIES IF YOU STILL HAVEN’T FOUND YOUR DAVID, MY ADVICE TO YOU IS THIS,,,,  STOP LOOKING FOR YOUR DAVID, the bible says he who finds a good wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. Proverbs 18:22 LET THE MAN FIND YOU WITH HELP FROM THE LORD, I stopped looking for men months ago and once I did the Lord sent me MY DAVID, MY TREASURE I’m GLAD THAT HE FOUND ME AND WE HAVE FAVOR FROM THE LORD BECAUSE WE ARE LIVING OUR LIVES BY HIS WORD.

We’re going to look or purchase wedding rings this weekend, we’re so excited, some people may think we’re moving too fast but WE DON’T FEEL THAT WAY, WE KNOW GOD PUT US TOGETHER so why should we be hesitant or fearful of our future when the Lord is perfectly capable of taking care of us and our marriage. He wants to do right by me and marrying me is his priority, I know he loves me I have no doubt about it and I’m going to hang on and enjoy this marriage and all that comes with it, good and bad, for we know that no matter what GOD WILL BE ALL UP IN THROUGH OUR MARRIAGE AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHERE WE WANT HIM TO BE.

Keep my family in your prayers as we transition to this new chapter in our lives I will keep ya’ll posted so keep the prayers coming. Be blessed all day everyday and know that Jesus loves us even when things are bad. Thank you Lord for favor in my life.

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