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The true story of one woman's journey in faith

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Hey my peeps how’s everyone? I pray all is well with all my followers I want ya’ll to know how much I appreciate you following my blog, I’m honored and blessed to share my past and present struggles with all of you believe me if it wasn’t for the Lord I wouldn’t be able to do it, I GOT TIRED OF LIVING IN NUMBVILLE I was feeling empty yet full, happy but not jubilant, I was living life to it’s fullest without FEELING LIFE TO IT’S FULLEST AND I AM LITERALLY SICK AND TIRED OF FEELING AND LIVING THAT WAY!!!

Jesus said Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy but I’ve come that you might have life and have life more abundantly. John 10:10, I wasn’t living my life abundantly, I was living it IN BONDAGELY and I got tired of it so I decided to pray to God asking for the strength and courage to put my business out there to be ridiculed or judged and the ability to handle all the feelings that will begin to stir inside of me once I begin reliving the horrible things that happened to me. These are feelings that’s been bottled up inside of me since I was 9 years old and I’m ready to get rid of them and what better way for me to begin my healing process by helping other’s to begin their healing process in order to live their lives MORE ABUNDANTLY as Jesus intended for us to do. SO I THANK YOU MY FOLLOWERS FOR CONTINUING TO CHECK ME OUT, I PRAY MY LIFE EXPERIENCES CAN HELP YOU NAVIGATE YOUR WAY THROUGH THIS LIFE UNDER GOD’S GRACE LIKE ME.

MY DAVID and I are just fine, we’re falling more and more in love with each other as the days goes by, I haven’t been this happy since I was baptized and became a child of God, and the birth of my daughter, they’re all on the same level of happiness with me because they’re all BLESSINGS FROM THE LORD. My daughter loves David, since her father and he favor a lot, she thinks of him as her father 2.0 and she’s glad that I’ve met someone who loves me the way God intended for a man to love a woman she stated the other day it feels like our entire family is complete now that David and I are getting married I began to smile on the inside when I got the visual of our COMPLETE FAMILY, ( THE LORD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR) WE HAVE TWO BLACK WOMEN MARRIED TO TWO ITALIAN, IRISH, INDIAN MEN WHO FAVOR A WHOLE LOT!!!!!! LOL THIS AIN’T FUNNY JESUS!!

DOES HE HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR OR WHAT!!?? CAN YA’LL IMAGINE WHAT A FAMILY DINNER WOULD BE LIKE???? IT AIN’T FUNNY, I KNOW YA”LL LAUGHIN’ AT ME LOL, anyway, LOL I’m just happy to blessed in such a way as this, the Lord has truly knocked me off my feet with His wondrous grace and works, it’s amazing how He so intricately woven the strings in both our lives (David and I) where we once lived in the same state within an hour of each other at the exact same time, then I left Cali to move home to take care of my dying father, my ex moved us in with him after my dad died, then MY DAVID moved here where I’m living now to take care of his brother in law who just died a few weeks ago. WOW I’M TRULY BUGGIN’ is God not awesome or what??? He continues to amaze me each day that I breathe, I can’t tell ya’ll enough about His goodness to me in spite of my faults, I rededicated my life back to Him and He’s been blessing me ever since. I thank God everyday for the ability to live my life more abundantly as He intends for me to be, I pray you all strive to grow closer to the Lord it’s worth the sacrifice you have to make to be a true follower of His.

PRASIE THE LORD MY MOM ENDED HER TOXIC RELATIONSHIP!!! HALLELUJAH!! I prayed to the Lord to end this relationship because I was scared for my mom’s spiritual and physical safety from the moment she told me about him, it caused a small rift between us but only for a short time, we eventually came to an understanding and we’re just fine. I still pray for her daily just as she prays for me, I love my mom and am glad she’s okay. My daughter is just as smart and beautiful as ever, I’m so proud of the young lady she’s become, she’s so sweet and a joy to hang out with, she’s funny, and DRAMATICA just like my mom but I wouldn’t trade her for anything or any amount of money in the world. I love my baby girl, MY DAVID is amazing and sweet as pie, he treats me like a queen I have no doubt in his love for me, his actions show how much he loves me, the Lord knew who the best man He had for me and my CHILDHOOD PRAYER HAS FINALLY BEEN ANSWERED, JAN 27, 2019 WHEN MY DAVID KNOCKED ON MY DOOR, PLEAD HIS CASE, THEN SWEPT ME OFF MY FEET and he’s been holding me tight making sure I don’t fall and get hurt ever since, I LOVE YOU LORD FOR BRINGING ME “MY DAVID”, MY DAUGHTER, MY MOM, AND MY FRIENDS AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, MY FOLLOWERS, MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.  BE BLESSED

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