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My David came into my life 6 weeks ago yesterday and he became MY DAVID 6 weeks ago today, we’ve been alive and kickin’ ever since. We’re in the learning each other’s way’s and habits stage right now, we decided to put all our cards on the table with our struggles and issues we’re extremely transparent about past promiscuous behaviors, WE ARE  two controlling people learning how to give up some sense of control in our relationship during these early stages because we’re in this future marriage for the long haul this is difficult for me in particular with my molestation and he’s been controlled by family, the system, women, and addictions in his past so he’s learning to adjust and compromise too. It’s easier said than done at times, we’ve both been guilty a few times of hurting each other’s feeling during a control issue as of late and recognize immediately that we’re doing it so we would change the subject, pray, or leave the room for a few minutes before coming back together apologizing along the way and NEVER bringing up the situation again from this point forward.

We’re STILL NOT HAVING SEX, it’s gotten easier as the days go by, I would be lying if I said it’s been easy because it hasn’t been easy at all but we’re determined to hang in there and NOT DISAPPOINT GOD in fornicating before marriage especially when we know HE’S THE ONE WHO BROUGHT US TOGETHER, we love and respect Him as well as each other too much to break our vow to Him. Our bible studies are great, our scriptures are all focused on relationships, marriage, and love, we pray for each other daily and each night before we lay down at night (separate beds of course). My daughter loves him, she’s happy that I’m happy and I love her for that.

I’m still helping him take care of his sister since she broke her leg about a month ago and her husband died two days later, it’s been “something else” that’s all I can say, white people and black people are definitely different when it comes to how their children are allowed to talk to them, if my soon to be nephew and niece were my kids, they would be at the dentist office the next day getting fitted for dentures because ALL THEIR TEETH WOULD BE KNOCKED OUT!!! My soon to be niece in law is really strange, I haven’t quite figured out what her issues are but I know I have a bad feeling about her and will be watching her very closely. She reminds me of Sissy Spacek when she played Carrie in the Exorcist and also Loretta Lynn in Coal Miner’s Daughter, she’s just an average plain jane woman who TOTALLY CONTROLS HER HUSBAND but then wanders why her marriage is full of DRAMA everyday, all day. I noticed the times I was there my nephew would be on the phone arguing with her, I personally don’t know how he takes her crap I would’ve left her a long time ago.

I will not treat My David that way, she’s completely out of line (from a spiritual perspective the way God intended marriage to be), she’s to be submissive to her husband, not the other way around. He’s the head of the woman and the household and since he’s allowing her to be the man in the marriage, they both are considered “out of line with God” and their marriage will continue to be drama filled, unhappy, stressful, and messy until he decides to put her in her place and take back control of his house and kids before it’s too late, in the meantime I will keep my distance from her so that she won’t assume that I don’t like her or something silly like that, I will continue to be there for my sister in law and My David, he has been so supportive, sweet, and loving to me, he’s taken very good care of me mentally, emotionally, and psychologically, he’s concerned about my safety at all times, I know he loves me, I love him just as much, and I thank God daily for sending me MY DAVID he has made me the happiest I’ve been since my daughter was born. I never thought I’d be this happy and I’m lovin every minute of it and of David I know the Lord sent him to my door, there’s no doubt about it.

He’s so proud to be seen with me in public, when we’re walking hand and hand, he’s looking around walking upright with this confidence of knowing how good we look together, he’s told me many times how honored he is to have me on his arm and IN HIS HEART, he gave me money today, “just because”, I didn’t ask for it, nor did I need it but I took it and put it in the bank for a rainy day. I’m the most blessed woman alive, my David has made all my previous failed relationships seem non existent, looking back none of them ever made me feel the way David does, he continues to speak to my heart and my heart is enjoying every word it hears. I want to be the best wife I can be to him once we’re married I  love him so much, I’m proud to be with him and I’ll continue to seek the Lord and HIs word to teach me to be the loving wife My David n eeds me to be so our marriage can be blessed beyond measure in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord I thank you for letting me see another day, I thank you for my family and friends, and I’m thankful for sending My David to me, thank you for blessing me beyond repair and for keeping Amen. If you want the Lord to send you your mate, you have to be ready to be received once he arrives. I stopped looking for men and once I did, MY MAN FOUND ME, the bible says, he who finds a wife, finds a good thing Proverbs 18:22.  LADIES MAKE SURE YOU ARE READY TO BE FOUND WHEN THE LORD SENDS YOUR HUSBAND TO YOU, WORK ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS, HE WILL SEND YOU YOUR HUSBAND just like He did for me. Be blessed all day every day my peeps.


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