Preacher Kid Confessions

The true story of one woman's journey in faith

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HEY MY PEEPS I PRAY ALL IS WELL WITH YOU I APOLOGIZE FOR BEING M.I.A. HERE LATELY, I have a lot going on with my schedule between working my job I’m also caring for David’s sister who’s recovering from injury and loss of family in the last month or so, which has been good for my relationship with MY DAVID because we’ve been able to spend a lot of time together getting to know one another’s habits, issues, likes, dislikes, etc.. We’re loving each other more each day, laughing along the way BUT at times its been tough. MY DAVID is a HUGE animal lover, WE have 2 pit bull dogs living with him/us in the house in which he’s use to having there BUT I AM NOT USE TO HAVING INSIDE DOGS LAYING AROUND THE HOUSE (EWWWW GROSS AND DISGUSTING) I’m use to dogs being outside in the yard in a dog house, when I was growing up my dogs lived outside in the dog house with hay on the floor in the winter and doggy door nailed to front to keep cold air out, they were fed well and had plenty water and they lived for years, these days dogs nowadays are being WIMPED DOWN, they can’t take nothing!!!

While spring cleaning one of our homes last weekend David was so worried about the dogs being in the sun actually on the grass (how dare they), he was worried about the dog beds getting grass stains on them from lying in the grass (whoa they can’t have grass stains oh no!!!) they began barking for him to bring them into the house after 2 hours of being outside and he was willing to go get them BUT I WASN’T HAVIN’ IT they stayed outside until we finished cleaning. He loves those dogs, and treats them like they’re newborn babies even though they’re 15 and 9 years old respectively and it drives me absolutely crazy. I love animals but not in my house and just as my daughter and I are a packaged deal then he and the puppies are a packaged deal as well so if I want to be with MY DAVID then they must be included into our family dynamic too, I love MY DAVID so I love them too.

Don’t worry they get plenty of love and affection from me when I’m around them, I feed, run, walk, and play with them I just don’t like them in the house. I was so irritated with David’s behavior, he was driving me crazy with all the fussing over them doing things dogs do and giving me a headache in the process, we were totally clashing over our ideals concerning animals, he tuned out and I tuned out to the point to where I had to leave and go for a drive for a couple hours just to cool off. He texted me apologizing for his overreaction to the dogs and asked me to back home, I was always going back, I just needed a break from the drama we sat down and talked everything out before continuing our day and evening where we’ve grown closer since the incident happened. I’m realizing how important communication is in a marriage or relationship, you must be willing to LISTEN AS WELL AS TALK when necessary I’ve never been a good listener, I’m learning to become one during this process because MY DAVID is use to dealing with women with strong personalities I fit perfectly in that category, my dominant personality stems from my molestation as a kid and teen, and since I couldn’t control what happened to me back then and all the anger associated with it, I can come across as dominant even when I’m not trying to be, THANK GOD MY DAVID IS A PATIENT MAN, HE SAYS HE LOVES ME NO MATTER WHAT AND I BELIEVE HIM. I’m also receiving therapy every week to deal with my PTSD, I feel better since I started, I have a long way to go ,my David supports me all the way it means the world to me that he’s there for me during this difficult time and I love him the more for it.

We’ve clashed over small things in the last week realizing that the small things are what’s breaking up marriages, we don’t want that to happen to us, we’re being EXTREMELY TRANSPARENT with our struggles and issues before we walk down the aisle because WE WILL NOT GET DIVORCED, he’s adamant about it, we will be together until we die. I’ve never been treated as special by any ex boyfriend like MY DAVID treats me, HE WORSHIPS ME, HE SPOILS ME WITH ATTENTION AND OTHER THINGS, I don’t have to worry about him abandoning me for another woman, job, family, whatever he’s with me for the long haul, he’s dedicated to me and my recovery just as I am with his recovery from past alcoholic behaviors. He’s sober 18 years and now sponsors men through AA and the drug courts here in our state, I’m so proud of him and honored to be asked to attend these meetings with him, I ENJOY WATCHING HIM DO HIS THING.

WE ACKNOWLEDGE BEING A WORK IN PROGRESS, we’re moving ahead one day at a time, WE ARE IN LOVE, I’VE NEVER BEEN IN LOVE LIKE THIS BEFORE, this is all new to me and I’m loving every minute of it and loving every mili second with him, we pray daily, have bible studies whenever we’re together plus we attend a small group bible study with fellow AA members who realizes the importance of Jesus’ healing power from all addictions when we trust Him as well as the AA book, Jesus is the only answer to our problems today, HE brought MY DAVID TO ME, he has really been a difference maker in my life, I’m so glad I waited for the Lord to send my husband to me, I WAS FOUND BY MY DAVID, I pray all my followers who’re looking for their DAVID to do like I did, I trusted Jesus to know ME better than ME, and to clean me up so that I can be presented to my husband without spot or blemish just like WE THE CHURCH WILL BE WHEN JESUS RETURNS. Thank you Lord for bringing us together we’re truly grateful to you for your unconditional love for us, LET THE WORDS OF MY MOUTH AND THE MEDITATION OF MY HEART BE ACCEPTABLE IN THY SIGHT OH LORD MY STRENGTH AND MY REDEEMER. Thank you for sending me MY DAVID and daughter, mostly thank you for deliverance, grace, and mercy PLEASE CONTINUE TO TRANSFORM ME INTO THE KINGDOM WIFE I MUST BE FOR MY KINGDOM HUSBAND. BE BLESSED MY PEEPS

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