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The true story of one woman's journey in faith

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Jesus said to His disciples, I am the vine, and you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him bears much fruit; for without ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING!! John 15:5.

This generation today have no idea what it means to be SELFLESS, I’m not just talking about children, I’m talking adults too, WE ARE SO SELFISH AND SELF ABSORBED (thanks to celebrities, athletes, politicians, pastors, media, and social media) everything’s about ME, ME, ME!! Instant gratification with shallow, underwhelming results. Jesus was the most SELFLESS man who ever walked the earth, He proved that by taking a severe beating before and during His walk to Golgotha where He hung and died from a TREE!! (Notice I said tree) that’s because it was a tree He was hung on, it couldn’t have been anything else because from the beginning Jesus has been our TREE OF LIFE as read in the scripture above where He says He is the vine, vines grow on what? TREES, so Jesus had to LIVE AND DIE as AND on a tree.

We must learn to follow His PERFECT example of selflessness in ways that it would benefit others while benefiting you in the process. With all the drama that’s been going on in my life recently I decided that I would get even busier helping others because Satan wanted to use my drama as a distraction or deterrent to ministering to the lost souls in this world today, sometimes he will use our family members to distract us from our calling from God, MINE just so happens to be evangelism and ministry. I’m from a family of ministers and evangelist so it’s not surprising for me to be carrying the torch for my cousins under me. The Lord is developing over time a gift in me for praying on the spot for those who need it AND my gift of writing ( in which I never knew I had ). Someone just came to the door, hold on a minute, OH MY GOODNESS, MY BOSS JUST SHOWED UP TO SURPRISE ME WITH EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, WOWWWW I NEVER SAW THIS COMING, I’m speechless, I’m crying (shock), I’m happy, I’m stunned, Praise the Lord and thank you Jesus for my blessing.

I was presented flowers, candy, gift card, and a plaque in a CAREGIVER OF THE MONTH metal bucket by my supervisors, my agency is the BEST AGENCY I’ve ever worked for and this is the first time I’ve been awarded this honor in the 36 years I’ve been in the field. I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that this is my gift from the Lord, I love going to work everyday, MY PAPA (my client) is the greatest father figure/client I’ve had in all these years. He and his family have treated me and my daughter better than OUR OWN FAMILY, I love the fact that I have older sisters I can get advice from. Most of them live out of state but I know I can reach out to them if I need to for anything, THEY ARE MY FAMILY, I’m here at work with Papa at the moment, this is where my boss surprised me in papa’s presence and with his blessing I’m so glad to share this moment with him.

THIS IS WHAT I MEAN BY USING YOUR GIFTS, I LOVE TAKING CARE OF SENIORS/DISABLED PEOPLE, it comes natural as breathing, the bible says that in all we do in work and deed we do to the glory of God, I treat my clients with love and respect, I become attached pretty quick and I stay with my client until they go home to glory to be with the Lord then on to the next new family member. In spite of life’s trials and tribulations, I’m learning to focus on other’s needs instead of my own, THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF SELFLESSNESS. Stop looking at YOU YOU YOU, oh whoa is me, my life is bad, boo hoo, I have food, clothes, and a roof over my head but BOO HOO it’s not good enough I want to be like my neighbor or a celebrity. We have cell phone taking all these SELFIE shots all day long, HOW VAIN CAN WE BE? This is the most attention starved, self centered time in our society we need to just STOP!!! JUST STOP!!!

King Solomon one of the wisest men on earth says Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Ecclesiastes 1:2, self centeredness is not attractive let’s learn to be selfless in our daily lives, I’m using my ministry gift every other week at the women’s prison, I love witnessing to, praying for, crying with MY GIRLS, I couldn’t ask for a better gift and I’m learning to love writing, I’m new at this, I never took a writing class in high school so I’m steppin out on some serious faith in sharing my story through my writing with all of you. I welcome any comments, input, questions, or suggestions you may have. I’m working to develop my gifts through prayer, the word of God and faith because without faith it’s impossible to please God. I just mailed my jail ministry correspondence back to my assigned inmate, these lessons come in the mail bi-weekly, I read them, make comments of encouragement to them before sending it back to them.

We all must learn what our gifts from God are. We all have the ability to be successful in them when we use them for His glory after all that’s the basis of my Christian walk, I must share the love of Christ through my words and actions so that my family and friends can meet me in heaven when it’s time, LEARN YOUR PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE THROUGH THE USE OF YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS, the Lord can use our pasts mistakes to teach us faith in Him, instead of focusing on THE YOU during your trial focus on HIM, He will see you through. Pray for me as I will you all my followers. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord my strength and my redeemer. God bless my peeps

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