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The true story of one woman's journey in faith

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I was planning a trip home this coming weekend to take My David  to meet my mother for the first time, we’ve been discussing this for weeks, David was gonna fix all household repairs she has and we’re going to buy her an air conditioning unit because the one she has been broken for years along with the garage door. These items are NOT CHEAP TO FIX AND WE ARE COVERING THE COSTS OF REPAIRS AND THE EQUIPMENT so you’d think a person would be appreciative of the selfless act a stranger is willing to perform for them BUT NOOOO NOT MY MAMA!

My David and I have 2 pit bulls, they’re 16 and 13 years old respectively female/male, sweet as they can be, David is very protective of these dogs, at times he treats them BETTER THAN ME (NO, I’M SERIOUS), perfect example, it was a cold winter, we spent nights in the 5th wheel (mobile home) just to get use to cohabitating with each other and the dogs, and NO WE STILL HAVE NOT HAD SEX!!! WE’RE DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT NOT DISAPPOINTING THE LORD BY FORNICATING, anyways, it would get really cold on the bedroom end of the trailer so I was forced to sleep in clothes, coats, socks, leggings, gloves, and scarf, BUT THE DOGS GOT TO SLEEP WITH THE FLOOR HEATER, THEY WERE NICE AND TOASTY WHILE I FROZE TO DEATH!! It got so cold to where I had to yell at David to bring the heater in our room, and that it doesn’t make sense that” I’M FREEZING BUT THE DOGS GET THE HEATER ALL NIGHT, GO GET THAT HEATER NO I’M NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE.” He ran with a quickness and bought the heater to me. HE BETTER HAD OR I WAS REALLY GONNA GO OFF AND HE KNEW IT!! (YES WE PK’S DO GO OFF ON PEOPLE, ACTUALLY I GO OFF QUITE OFTEN ON STUPIDITY AND SELFISHNESS!!

We were bringing the dogs with us to visit mama, in hindsight I should’ve mentioned it to her sooner but I didn’t think she’d mind since David was coming to do favors for her FOR FREE BECAUSE OF ME so when I told her the dogs were coming she went OFF ABOUT HOW SHE DOESN’T WANT PETS NO WHERE NEAR HER HOUSE, I suggested they sleep in the garage and she wasn’t having any of that either and decided to lecture me about being inconsiderate of others, (IS THAT NOT THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK OR WHAT?) She’s being selfish and inconsiderate in my opinion, I get that she’s not a pet in the house type of person but I’m your daughter who’s driving 5 plus hours to visit you and do work for you on top of it, IF IT WAS YA’LL WOULDN’T YA’LL HAD MADE AN EXCEPTION IN THIS CASE?

I COULD NOT BELIEVE HER, I WAS SO MAD I CRIED REALLY HARD FOR 15 MINUTES, stunned that she would act like this, I was just beginning to trust her again from our incident from Christmas when she acted the same way, and David has sent her monies out of the blue, JUST BECAUSE HE LOVES ME and that’s still not good enough for her to make an exception for the dogs. I ended up cancelling our trip because I feel that THE DOGS ARE APART OF MY LIFE NOW, IF THEY’RE NOT WELCOMED IN HER HOME THEN NEITHER AM I OR DAVID. I hate that we have to go through this again but hey it is what it is, David is my family now, my mama has always put her men ahead of me over the years, she didn’t care whether I liked any of them, she even married one of them who ended up beating her up almost killing her last year and even with that I supported her emotionally and financially as much as I could now fast forward to today, she can’t seem to return the gesture.

I don’t necessarily like dogs in my home either but they’re a packaged deal with David, he loves those dogs and I love him so I’m willing to compromise with him he’s my husband to be just as my daughter is apart of me and he has welcomed her into his life with open arms and wallet! I realized the importance of compromise and flexibility in marriage and relationships we’ve been working on these issues from DAY ONE I WILL NOT LET ANY OUTSIDE ENTITY COME BETWEEN US, including family. Genesis 2:24 states “Therefore a man must leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall become one flesh. My mom will always be my family but David is now my priority, the Lord has made me his HELP MEET (Genesis 2:18), I must fulfill my help meet role to the glory of God and the benefit of my marriage. I’m praying for my mom and for our relationship, we’ve been close these last few years, even closer than when I was younger, it’s important for me spiritually to not hold grudges or anger towards anyone, especially my mom. I love her too and she needs me now that she’s alone AGAIN.

Let me know what ya’ll think, have a blessed holiday weekend, David and I will celebrate his birthday in style. LET THE WORDS OF MY MOUTH AND MEDITATION OF MY HEART BE ACCEPTABLE IN THY SIGHT OH LORD MY STRENGTH AND MY REDEEMER. AMEN

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