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I HAVE A FEW PET PEEVES, LIARS, THIEVES, PROCRASTINATORS, STUPIDITY, AND WHINNY ADULTS!!! Of the five, the last one WHINNY ADULTS tops the lists today, oh my goodness I am sick and tired of this whining that’s going across racial lines, men, women, boys, and girls. As a black person I’M EMBARRASSED AT ALL THE WHINING MY PEOPLE ARE DOING NOWADAYS OVER THE SMALLEST OF THINGS. I know racism exist these days, I think blacks have become as racists as we claim white people had been in the past. I’ve been hearing negative stuff about white people since I was a kid, it’s the same stuff we hear today. We are the most HYPOCRITICAL RACE IN AMERICA, it’s okay for us to call white people every name in the book for example, honky, cracker, red neck, trailer trash. poor white trash wet dog smellin’ etc.. I’ve heard them all growing up and I’m still hearing them 40 years later WOW HOW STUPID ARE WE??? and yet let a white person BEGIN TO FORM THEIR MOUTH TO SAY THE N-WORD, MONKEY, OR APE AND WE’RE READY TO HANG THEM ON THE CROSS NEXT TO JESUS!! HOW HYPOCRITICAL IS THAT?

I’M TIRED OF PEOPLE HAVING TO APOLOGIZE FOR STUPID THINGS THEY SAY WHEN THEY’RE YOUNG, the way the adults jumped on the Heisman trophy winner over something he said when he was YOUNG AND DUMB LIKE WE’VE ALL BEEN WHEN WE WERE HIS AGE WAS RIDICULOUS AND INSULTING,  instead of he basking in his moment, here comes some whinny wimp who decides to steal his shine forcing him to  apologized for his comments, WHY??? WHAT HAPPENED TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN THE USA? ARE WE STILL LIVIN IN THE USA?

PEOPLE ARE SO THINNED SKINNED NOWADAYS, how did we get here? When did everyone get so SOFT? It’s as if the roles between men and women have switched, MEN HAVE BEEN DEMASCULINIZED IN THE LAST 10 YEARS, WOMEN HAVE BEEN MASCULINIZED IN THE EXACT SAME TIME FRAME, how did it happen? Celebrities, athletes, musician, news opinion people (journalism is now opinionism) all these people had the nerve to think that just because they’re famous they are the smartest people in the world ABOUT EVERYTHING AND NOTHING!

People are whining about the President, although I don’t agree with everything he says, I agree with his right to say it. Why is is that people can call him and all CHRISTIAN, CONSERVATIVE, TEA PARTY REPUBLICANS every insulting name in the book AND GET AWAY WITH IT? MY PERSONAL FAVORITE INSULT WAS WHEN THEY REFERRED TO US BLACK TEA PARTY MEMBERS AS RACIST REDNECK TEABAGGERS WITH STROCKHOLM SYNDROME. I laugh every time I hear that statement, I’m a tea party member, I have been since 2008 and seeing that I’m black I’ve been accused by other blacks of being a SELLOUT many, many times and so I laugh at them while standing my ground watching them lose their minds over the fact that a black person isn’t falling for or caving to their CRAP!

CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT WHITE PRIVILEGE IS??? Whenever I ask any black person that question, the only explanation I get from them is when the police pull you over racially profiling them or harassing them driving while black. That doesn’t sound like white privilege, that sounds like racism. The oxford dictionaries definition of privilege; A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. The police don’t have the right to be racist but that doesn’t mean they won’t be racist towards anyone so comparing the two is Ludacris.

IF ANYONE HAS WHITE PRIVILEGE IT’S ALL THE WHITE AND BLACK CELEBRITIES, ACTORS, ATHLETES, WHO HAS RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES WE REGULAR PEOPLE DON’T. Let’s keep it real, look at how many celebs get away with crimes regular people get sentenced to life in prison for? Their children attend the wealthiest most PRIVILEGED PRIVATE (NOT PUBLIC) SCHOOLS BY LIMO OR NANNY. Airplanes, gated mansions, security guards, personal assistants, etc.. how many white people do you know personally who has THAT MUCH WHITE PRIVILEGE? I know of NONE, I only hang out with white people and they all struggle to pay bills, raise kids, pay taxes, how and where is their PRIVILEGE?

My in-laws are white, THEY’RE FAR FROM PRIVILEGE, my sister-in-law just lost her husband, she’s not sure what she’s gonna do next, her income will drop in half now that he’s gone. DOES THIS SEEM LIKE WHITE PRIVILEGE TO YOU? I’m not saying that there’s no privilege, I just think it’s a ridiculous statement considering all the millionaire celebs, actors, athletes of different races and ethnicities there are even black billionaires (jay-z oprah, tyler perry, beyonce, ALL BLACK, ALL RICH, ALL PRIVILEGED and yet they among others are the main ones calling all white men racist white privilege, GO FIGURE.

It’s HYPOCRITICAL TO ME, THE ONES WITH MONEY AND PRIVILEGE ARE THE ONES COMPLAINING ABOUT THE UNFAIRNESS OF WHITE PRIVILEGE, they’re talking out the side of their neck as far as I’m concerned. I’m tired of the whining, I’m tired of the anger, I’m tired of the complaining, PEOPLE CAN’T TAKE NOTHING NOW, I’ve never seen Americans act like such babies because someone HURT THEIR FEELINGS OR SAID SOMETHING THEY DIDN’T LIKE, BOO HOO HOO, WAH WAH WAH LIKE A BABY are Americans adults or babies?

STOP IT BLACK PEOPLE, STOP THE WHINING, we hurt each other daily never caring about what’s right and fair, if these celebs cared about privilege that much, WHY DON’T THEY GIVE IT ALL AWAY AND MOVE BACK INTO THE HOOD!! I doubt they will do that, they’ll keep PLAYIN THE HYPOCRIT VICTIM and telling ya’ll to feel the same way. I HAVE BEEN VICTIMIZED IN THE PAST BUT I’M NOT A VICTIM, black people have mastered the VICTIMIZATION ROLE TO A SCIENCE, they’ve had plenty practice since the end of slavery, all I heard growing up is how evil white people are. I’ve never been mistreated by them (excluding the courts, and my ex) they’ve always treated me like family from the beginning, as a person who’s been labeled all her life I hate labels, I hate stupidity, STOP THE WHINING IT DOESN’T LOOK GOOD.



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