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We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on Butcher since Tuesday’s Vet visit, he’s not eating solid food but we’re able to give him his food in liquid form and he doesn’t throw it up as much as he was the day prior. He’s moving around from bed to bed, sitting up on his front legs while looking at us but he’s still not back to himself. We don’t expect him to (at least I don’t David is another story) I’m now okay with euthanizing, I don’t want to watch him suffer, David on the other hand is torn between what to do. He’s had Butcher since he was weened from his mother. They’re really close, David has trained him to pray and talk, he’s a smart dog and sweet as can be. He was never trained to be vicious he was loving, and gentle I became attached to him after the first day.

David slept with both of his dogs for years he kisses them hugs them SMOTHERS THEM WITH ATTENTION, they’ve been his companions for 12 and 15 years so I understand his struggle whether or not to euthanize Butcher I know how close they are. He’s an extremely sensitive man, very affectionate, and emotional I’ve never been with a man as sensitive as he and I have to learn how to deal with a man like him but he’s worth the effort. I’m concerned about him, he’s taking this real hard this isn’t an easy decision for him to make I know he will do the right thing eventually. Butcher and Mamas gave him unconditional love his family didn’t give him. He was mentally, emotionally, and physically abused by his alcoholic parents being beaten with broomsticks and running away from home at 3 years of age because he couldn’t take anymore of the drama.

The puppies became his family and now one of them is dying, he now must mourn and grieve his family member the same as we would our human family member so I’m giving him the time to do that before he decides to end Butcher’s life. I feel sorry for him, he’s in pain and I’m gonna support him as much as I can to get him through this difficult time. I love him, I love the puppies, I’m gonna miss waking up with Butchie lying on the floor on my side of the bed licking my arm as I began petting his head. He also likes to sleep at the foot of the bed on his favorite rug until I wake up, I’m gonna miss my Butchie Butch, my Butchie Baby Boy and I love you Butch Butch!! Your NEW MAMA

Thanks again for the comments and advice my peeps I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the GOINGS ON (shout out to the late Bernie Mac) lol  Lord Jesus I pray you’re strength and comfort for my David during this difficult time give him the courage to do the right thing in the right time. HEYYY HE JUST JUMPED FROM THE FLOOR TO THE LOVE SEAT ON HIS OWN!!! WOW MY BUTCH BUTCH, in Jesus’ name we pray Amen


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