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There’s a saying I heard on a song, it’s the theme for the sitcom Empty Nest from the 80’s, in the song, the beginning verse says “Life goes on and so do we” and I’ve tried to live by that statement over the years, it’s not always easy but it’s plausible. We lost our Butcher 2 days ago, My David’s having a hard time right now and I completely understand, he’s been with Butcher since he was a puppy and now he’s gone after 12 years, if I was in his position I’d be reacting this way too but WE MUST MOVE ON, Butcher is gone and we must keep living our lives no matter how much we miss him.

We knew we would get another dog, it was just a matter of when it would happen, we were looking on the adopt a pet website and saw the most beautiful brown pit bull named WESSON. He looks like Butcher and his brother JoJo, he’s 1 1/2 years old, he’s a stray who was left alone in the elements for weeks before he was rescued by animal control. He has beautiful brown eyes to match his beautiful brown coat, there’s a patch of white on his nose and he’s HYPERRRRRRRR!!!! This weekend is adopt a pet weekend, the adoption fee is waived and they’re giving animals away for FREE so we rushed to animal control to get WESSON MY NEW PUPPY!

He took to us immediately, jumping and licking us any and everywhere while we wait for his paperwork to adopt to be finalized. We got OUR WESSON, I call him MY PERFECT WESSONALITY, it was a chore getting him into the car, he kept running away until finally we were able to coral and place him into the hatchback where he stayed a whole minute before jumping into front seat while I’m driving on the freeway, David is working MY RESERVE NERVE, he’s showing favoritism  between the dogs, he’s standoffish with Wesson simply because he’s not Butcher, he’s making comments like “he’s not my dog”, he’s not eating out of Butcher’s bowl, he’s not gonna chew on Butcher’s bed, he’s not gonna play with Butcher’s toys, YADA, YADA, YADA, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, and he’s angering me to no avail.

I don’t like him mistreating WESSON because he’s mourning Butcher, I understand he’s hurting but Butcher is gone and we must move on, I’m not trying to replace Butcher in the house or in his heart, he must learn to see Wesson for who he is and not for who he’s NOT!!! He’s been making little comments since we got him and I don’t like it, I had to tell him to SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY and after awhile he decided to TAKE A CHILL PILL AND CHILL UNTIL I SAY OTHERWISE. He’s doing a lot better today, he’s more relaxed and friendlier with Wesson, He is definitely a handful  (Wesson is too) lol and he’s taken over the reigns of training him to be more obedient ( WAIT A MINUTE WHAT AM I THINKIN’ HE’S NOT THAT OBEDIENT HIMSELF LOL).

Wesson has a great personality, he’s hyper, running around all over the place chasing invisible objects, tail waggin’, run, run, run, now he’s laying ON MY FEET AS I’M TYPING, LITTLE DOES HE KNOW MY FOOT IS FALLIN’ ASLEEP FROM HIS MUSCULAR WEIGHT ON ME but it’s okay I want him to be comfortable with me. I’m looking forward to this next stage of our lives, although we lost Butcher, we have Wessonality to fill the void and to keep mamas company. It will take a while for her to get use to Wesson, she’s missing Butcher and was wincing for him earlier, she’s nervous from all Wesson’s hyperness, I can just imagine what’s going through her mind now that he’s here. I can only guess, but here’s some examples of what Mamas’ is thinking while watching Wesson run around, “MAN YOU DOIN’ THE MOST!!!, SHOOT I’M TIRED YOU CAN DO ALL THAT RUNNIN’ IF YOU WANT TO, I’M CHILLIN’, MAN YOU BETTER GO ON WITH THAT!! DUDE, GO SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE YOU GETTIN’ ON MY NERVES!!! LOL I’m sure those are things Mamas might be thinking watching Wesson, she’s a funny lady dog and we love havin’ she and Wesson apart of our family.

WELCOME HOME WESSON! YOU’RE NO LONGER A STRAY AND LIVING ON YOUR OWN, YOU HAVE A FAMILY NOW AND A HOME WHERE YOU WILL BE LOVED LIKE OUR OWN. Thank you Lord for blessing me with Wesson, Mamas, Butcher, and mostly for MY DAVID the man you sent to find me when you thought I was ready to receive him. Take care my peeps I’ll keep ya’ll posted on Wesson and his progress, BE BLESSED ALL DAY EVERY DAY

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